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Myrtle Mae Macintosh died Aug. 19, 2020, in Anytown, OR, at age 88. She loved her rescue cats (all of them), clothing monogrammed with the letter M, and, above everything, volunteering in her community.

Myrtle was heir to the Macintosh Beet Farm, and when her husband, Creighton, passed away in 1992, she refused to allow corporate acquisition of the farm unless the buyer could ensure future employment of the company's employees.

Myrtle was born Feb. 2, 1932, to Dasha Barnes at a time when single mothers were shunned by society. Mama Dasha worked long hours at a textile factory to support young Myrtle. She also set an example for her daughter by organizing a work strike that let up only once the factory owner agreed to provide on-site child care.

Myrtle was child-free by choice but enjoyed volunteering with young people, including as part of the Grandma Readers program at Anytown Elementary School. She also supervised student interns at Anytown Humane Society.

Before her death, Myrtle arranged for new homes for each of her cats. She asked that no service be held, but instead that people donate to the Humane Society or Anytown Hospice in her memory. She was preceded in death by her dedicated and determined Mama.

As she was lifelong volunteer and advocate for compassionate care, it was fitting that she spent her final weeks at Anytown Hospice, which she had helped found 10 years earlier.

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