Letter of Recommendation

   Thank You Note To Media Journalist

Dear {Reporter},

I would like to reach out regarding your coverage of the recent death of our {relation}, {Name}. As you know, they were famous and their death was very public, and with that came media interest.

As we endured shout-filled press conferences along with reporters camped out on our lawn, you stood out. Your demeanor was respectful, and you were willing to interview us about {Name} on our terms, in our own time. You honored what we wanted to keep private and amplified what we wanted the public to know.

I wish that all journalists were trained in trauma-informed reporting. I don’t know if this is the case with you, or if you came by your skill and compassion naturally. Either way, our entire family is grateful for how you interacted with us, and for the stories you produced about our loved one. You understood that {Name} was more than a face on the {movie screen/political dais/etc.}.

We do not plan to grant interviews to any other members of the media. But if you want to follow up in light of the {autopsy/additional information/anniversary of death}, please feel free to reach out. We trust you.



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