Letter of Recommendation

   Thank You Note Eulogy

Dear {Name},

Oh my. I don't know how to begin this letter other than to say that your eulogy for {deceased} was everything I could have hoped for. It has been a trial letting go of that {man/woman} even in the smallest increments, and imagining anyone summing {him/her} up in a few minutes felt like the deepest insult to me.

Your words, though, made me feel like I had {him/her} back, if only for a moment. It brought so many beautiful memories back to me to hear you talk about {anecdotes}, and the use of {song/scripture/poetry} would have been especially meaningful to {him/her}.

Thank you for speaking about {deceased} from experience and from the heart. It was gratifying to hear the life of my beloved {relation} as {he/she} was rather than generic platitudes. It helped loosen this grief, at least a little. It reminded me that {deceased}, wherever {he/she} is now, is at least well and truly remembered here on Earth. Thank you.



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