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Harvey Hubbs will be honored June 3, 2022 in a formal memorial service to be held at Anytown Baptist Church. He died May 15 at age 66 after a brief illness.

While Harvey’s family recognizes and understands that he was considered the “life of the party” among his circle of friends, this service is intended to be a solemn occasion, presided on by his longtime family pastor. His elderly parents Jerry and Regina will be in attendance. For these reasons, we request that anyone choosing to attend the church service treat it as a solemn occasion, with no outbursts or unplanned speakers.

For those who wish to revel in Harvey’s memory, his friends have rented out the Elk’s Lodge June 5. There will be no-limits speeches, an open bar, and raucous revelry of the style Harvey would have loved.

Harvey Hubbs was born May 5, 1956. He loved fishing and boating as well as hanging out with his fellow Elks at the Lodge. Each year, he headed up the toy drive, and loved sitting alongside Santa Claus in the Anytown fire engine delivering toys to needy children.

He spent most of his career working in the county Assessor’s Office. He was also a dedicated volunteer firefighter. Harvey never stopped learning, and everyone who knew him ended up hearing a lot about the battlefields of World War II. While physical limitations left him unable to serve, Harvey was always the first to organize welcome homes, or, sadly, memorials for local soldiers. Each Memorial Day, he helped place small flags at each veteran’s gravesite in Anytown Cemetery.

Harvey leaves behind his girlfriend of ten years, Jolene, as well as his trusty dog Champ. Many have asked about Champ’s future after Harvey’s passing, and per his final wishes, the dog will remain in the care of Jolene.

In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to any of the causes or charities that Harvey held dear.

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