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Barton Simons died June 4, 2020 at age 65 in Anytown, CA. He left behind many siblings who will remember him fondly-even the teasing.

Barton was born April 3, 1955. He was the middle child, and he sure acted like it! He was a constant attention-seeker, but in a good way. It comes as no surprise at all that he built a career in entertainment.

He graduated from Anytown State with a degree in Cinematic Arts and promptly moved to Los Angeles to seek his fortune in the film industry. While his screen roles were few, Barton gained a reputation in the television community, ultimately becoming a sought-after casting director. He returned to perform in front of the camera five years before his death, portraying Jackson in The Final Files.

Barton is survived by sisters Clare, Moira, Danica, and Chantal as well as brothers Jeffrey and Kirby. He was preceded in death by baby sister Caroline in 1960.

He will be cremated, and, in accordance with his wishes, Barton's urn will be on display at a raucous party planned for July 6 at Griffith Park. Flowers, gifts, and any audacious displays of affection are welcomed.

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