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   Sending Thank You Notes

Sending Thank You Notes

When dealing with the emotional upheaval of a funeral, wake or memorial, the last thing you want to be doing is keeping track of everyone you need to thank. Instead of trying to manage everything in the moment, plan in advance for the eventuality that you will want to thank your friends and family for their support.

  1. Choose a helper. Have someone who is close to you keep a notepad and pen on hand and write down the items that guests bring to the funeral service or the gathering afterward. This can include flowers, meals, monetary contributions and items of sentimental value. You may even want to note who attended if you'd like to thank people for providing in-person support.

  2. Keep a list of people who made donations, whether they are mentioned in cards or provided by the charity.

  3. It is traditional to send out thank you notes within 3 to 4 weeks of the funeral, but it's understandable if it takes you more time. If you're feeling exhausted or under a lot of pressure, don't feel the need to make it a priority. When you find the emotional availability, send out a note or card that reminds people that you're grateful for their support. It will help them stay connected with you in the future.

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