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Daniel "Dan" Williams was a self-proclaimed wanderer, a jack-of-all trades, and a seeker of knowledge. More importantly to Dan, though, he was a father, and on January 25, 2015, he passed away in his daughters' arms at the age of 78.

Dan was born on January 2, 1937, to Geraldine Wilcox, a nurse. Dan spent much of his youth surrounded by soldiers freshly returned from battle, and developed a great curiosity for the war and other cultures. He attended West Point in 1955 and served in the Vietnam War. However, upon return Dan no longer considered himself a soldier and rarely spoke of his time there. He preferred to sample life in smaller, more potent doses than the army. He spent time working as a mechanic, a publisher, a ghostwriter for career politicians, and finally a lecturer at Penn State.

Although most of his life was spent restlessly moving from one place to another, stability came in the form of his twin daughters, Annabelle and Amy, whom he shared with former spouse, Helen White. Watching his daughters grow up as track athletes and putting them both through medical school gave him a pride that he wanted to share with the whole community. He remained happily settled in Boise, ID with his second wife, Lila Williams, for more than thirty years.

Dan is survived by his daughters, Annabelle and Amy Williams; his wife, Lila; his sister, Mackenzie Brown; and his former wife, Helen White. He is preceded in death by his mother, Geraldine Wilcox; and his stepfather, Patrick Williams.

A wake will be held at the St. Mary's Catholic Church in Boise on January 31, 2015. All are welcome. Donations and flowers can be sent to 123 Any St. Boise, ID 83629.

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