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   Obituary With Troubled Past

Merritt Godwin died Feb. 2, 2021 at age 38 in Anytown, CA. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends.

Merritt didn't always do the right thing, but he owned his choices. He was resilient, bold, and brave. He spent the last year of his life trying to make amends to everyone who had been affected by his choices.

Merritt was born Jan. 29, 1983. He learned to walk at just eight months old, and from that moment he could not be stopped. Notes home from his teachers always made for interesting reading. He loved his dog, Biscuits, with all his heart.

While he was a solar installer by trade, Merritt's true joy came in the form of his hobbies: fishing, snowboarding, and Esports. He was nationally ranked for Overwatch, and at the time of his death had been offered a salaried position in the league.

His is survived by his parents, Dirk and Chelsea, and two sisters, Rayanne and Darla.

Merritt will be cremated per his wishes. No services will be held, but friends and family are invited to an alcohol-free gathering at the home of Darla Godwin Sanders.

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