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Dr. Clara Lucia Perez of Anytown, TX, died on Aug. 10, 2020, age 92, leaving behind hundreds of friends and family members who loved her dearly.

She was born on May 3, 1928, to Juan and Consuela Perez in Midland, Texas. She was the sixth child and the first girl, and her brothers doted on her constantly. She enjoyed horseback riding and competed competitively until she started dental school.

As Anytown's first pediatric dentist, with a special heart for children, Dr. Perez was known as the "toy dentist" because of the treasure chest full of fun toys that were given to children with or without cavities after dental appointments.

After hours, however, she was Clara the quilter. She found fabric work calming and traveled to quilt shows whenever she could. Her donations of her artisan quilts raised tens of thousands of dollars for charitable causes.

She leaves behind two of her brothers (Joaquin and Antonio), her appreciative patients, her Anytown Quilt Guild friends, and many others.

After retiring from daily practice, Dr. Perez volunteered with the Mobile Dental Clinic and asked that any donations be given to that cause. If flowers are sent, please know that daisies were her favorite. A memorial service open to the public will be announced soon.

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