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   Obituary Thanking Death Doula

Darlene Dobson died Jan. 3, 2022 at age 60 in Anytown, Calif.

She was born Jan. 1, 1962 in Los Angeles, Calif., to Jack and Mirabel Dobson. As a child, Darlene was known for her love of animals. Her parents got used to her coming home with stray dogs, cats and even a turtle.

Darlene attended veterinary school at U.C. Davis, and her proudest moment was opening her own practice in Anytown. She made it her life’s mission to limit the suffering of animals, and ensure that they had the best, most healthful lives possible.

When Darlene became ill, her first worry was about her beloved veterinary practice. Once that was sorted, she hired Corinne Saviano, a noted death doula in far Northern California.

It is thanks to Corinne’s gentle guidance that Darlene left this world peacefully, surrounded by loved ones. Corinne not only provided comfort and conversation, but she changed how we felt about the dying process.

No services will be held, in accordance with Darlene’s death plan. In her memory, mourners are asked to consider signing a living will and talking with their family about end-of-life matters.

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