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Jennifer "Jenny" Kelly died May 8, 2021 at age 77 in Anytown, CA. She fought her illness hard and lived to see the Dodgers win the World Series for the first time since 1988.

Jenny leaves behind her longtime partner, Marie Tillerson, and four rambunctious corgis.

Jenny was born April 14, 1944, while her parents were on vacation in Ireland. She continued to be early to other things in life. For example, she graduated high school at age 14, was the first female engineering graduate of Anytown State University, and got her first internet account in 1991.

She was a frequent poster to online bulletin boards and newsgroups focused on baseball, and she launched one of the first unofficial MLB fan sites. A highlight of her life was meeting famed Dodger announcer Vin Scully, who invited her to sit with him in the announcer's booth for a full inning of play.

Jenny's career was spent as a mechanical engineer for a variety of firms, but she was most proud of her role in mentoring young women seeking to enter the field. She founded the Anytown Women in Engineering (A. W. E.) nonprofit organization in 1990.

Rather than a memorial service, Jenny asked that people gather at a baseball game of their choice (except for the San Francisco Giants) and enjoy a hot dog and beer in her honor. In lieu of flowers, donations to the A. W. E. organization are appreciated.

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