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   Obituary For Someone Who Died While Homeless

Cindy Rae Jones died Feb. 3, 2023 at age 45 in Anytown, Calif. at an encampment for unhoused residents. Her cause of death was listed as exposure.

She was born Jan. 7, 1978 in nearby Othertown. She attended Othertown High School and worked as a retail clerk and in food service while pursuing an Associate of Arts degree from Anytown Community College.

Cindy was known all over Anytown as “the friendliest homeless lady,” a badge she wore with honor. She was always looking out for other unhoused people, and more than once intervened to connect them with community resources. She also had a soft spot for dogs, and if you happened to pass her downtown while walking your dog, you had better expect to stop and let Cindy get in a couple of pats.

Cindy served as a representative to the board of the Anycounty Council for Homelessness, bringing a vital and nuanced perspective. She also helped serve meals at Hope Central Soup Kitchen. She was never afraid to tell it like it is!

Cindy was strong, resilient, honest and compassionate. She loved cherry Icees, golden retrievers, Paul Rudd, and Anytown summers. She would write you a poem on the spot for two dollars, and if you didn’t have two dollars, your poem was free.

She is survived by her younger sister, Holly.

A memorial service will be held at City Plaza at 7 p.m. on June 21. Speakers will include the mayor of Anytown, Edgar Sullivan. Light refreshments will be served and all are welcome.

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