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   Obituary For Someone Who Died While Breaking The Law

Kyle Salinger died June 2, 2023 at age 32 in Anytown, Calif.

He was born May 19, 1991 in Walnut Grove, Calif. to Sebastian and Pauline Salinger.

His rich, vibrant life was cut short following an extremely poor decision that resulted in his injury and death due to blunt-force trauma. The fact that Kyle, though not without flaws, was such a positive influence on others makes it even more tragic that he died under circumstances that included breaking the law.

Kyle graduated from University of California Santa Barbara with a degree in Computer Science. He worked for Silicon Valley tech firms for several years before relocating to Anytown with his wife, Bridget, and their two young children, Paxton and Daisy.

The Salinger family would like the public to know that Kyle would deeply regret his actions on that day, and would be grateful that no one else was harmed during the commission of the crime.

Kyle was a multifaceted individual who found joy in taking his kids to the park, perfecting his chili recipe, collecting baseball cards and watching the Giants beat the Dodgers. He was also a volunteer soccer coach. When the Ranch Fire threatened Anytown, Kyle was out helping neighbors secure their properties, wet down their roofs and safely evacuate.

Kyle is survived by his parents, his brothers Duncan and Edward, and his wife and children.

No services will be held. In lieu of flowers, please consider donating to the college fund Bridget has set up for Paxton and Daisy.

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