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   Obituary For Someone Who Died In Prison

Jessie Martin died June 3, 2022 at age 60 in Anytown, Fla. at Anytown State Prison. He had pneumonia.

Jessie was born Feb. 2, 1962, in Gold Beach, Ore.

His family members remember him as a promising young man who struggled in school, but through a local mentorship program was able to harness his natural talents and secure an apprenticeship in the automotive field.

Unfortunately, Jessie fell in with the wrong crowd and made a terrible choice in his mid-twenties. He was ultimately convicted of armed robbery, and due to enhancements he was sentenced to life in prison.

While in prison, Jessie secured his GED and then studied to become an Accredited Legal Professional (paralegal). He dedicated the rest of his life to helping fellow convicts with their cases.

Jessie is survived by his father, Jeremy, brothers Casey and Mason, his daughter, Marisa, and six nieces and nephews.

Because he was incarcerated far from home at the time of his death, services will be delayed, and family members and friends are asked to keep in touch with Marisa for further information.

Those who knew Jessie at any stage in his life are urged to reflect on mandatory minimum sentencing laws and contact their legislators if they feel comfortable doing so.

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