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Shelby Carver died Nov. 18, 2022 at age 85 in Anytown, Calif. She passed just five days after her husband of 63 years, Nelson Carver.

She was born May 6, 1937, in Othertown, Ore. Shelby wasn’t ill at the time of her death, and many insist that she died of a broken heart. As a longtime high school English teacher and author, Shelby didn’t like clichés, but in this case, she might not argue.

A graduate of Othertown Teachers College, Shelby immediately landed a position at Anytown High School. She and Nelson were already married, with their first child, Susan, on the way. Shelby broke barriers everywhere she went, from being a working mother to publishing the award-winning Death By Caviar series of mystery novels.

Nelson was with Shelby every step of the way, from volunteering in her classroom to proofreading her books.

Shelby and Nelson are survived by their children, Susan and Gavin.

A joint service will be held Dec. 2 at the Anytown Unitarian Center.

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