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Charles Forbert died May 10, 2023 at age 65 in Anytown, Calif., leaving behind a grieving family and a long list of regrets.

He was born Feb. 14, 1958 in Tiburon, Calif. where he lived on a houseboat for most of his youth. The happy, playful child of Paul and Sarah Forbert, little Charlie loved running in the dunes and collecting seashells.

It was after a tragic accident as a teen that Charles began to struggle with regulating his moods, as well as in school. He lost many friends, and even, briefly, the support of his immediate family. He was unhoused for two years and sought comfort in many unhealthful ways. It was not until he was properly diagnosed in his thirties that Charles got the help he needed and reunited with his grateful family.

Charles was one of the oldest students at the time to graduate from Anytown Lineman College. He was then able to make a living, outdoors in the fresh air. In his spare time, he enjoyed playing horseshoes and collecting and displaying beer cans, even though he gave up drinking in 1991.

His deepest regrets were that he was not able to make amends with his ex-wife, Camille, nor forge the relationship with his children that they deserved when they were young.

He was preceded in death by his mother and is survived by his girlfriend, Robin Cisernos, and his two children, Hunter and Ronan.

No services will be held.

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