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Darby Carruthers died June 1, 2020 at age 50 in Anytown, CA. This obituary corrects an earlier version that stated a wrong age of death and failed to list all surviving siblings.

Darby leaves behind her mother, Dee Dee, her sister, Carrie, and her brothers Bastian, Michael, and Dash. She was preceded in death by her father, Mickey.

Darby was born March 29, 1970, Easter Sunday. To her great mortification, this led her parents to give her the middle name of "Bunny." As a teen, she saved up the money to have it changed to Michelle.

Darby earned a bachelor's degree in Marketing from Sonoma State and followed it up with an MBA from the UC Davis Graduate School of Management. Her most recent role was as CEO of Golden State Tech in Anytown. She loved work, but in her scant spare time she enjoyed canning fruit and serving as a mentor to teens in the Anytown Young Entrepreneurs Club. Her dream was to travel to Paris.

A service will be held at Anytown Church, followed by a get-together on the Anytown College campus near the clock tower. In lieu of flowers, donations will be collected for the Anytown Young Entrepreneurs Club. (An earlier version of this obituary omitted the location details.)

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