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Carl Garrison died June 7, 2021 at age 82 in Anytown, CA. Contrary to an earlier obituary that was published in error by an online tabloid and "went viral" on the internet, he did not die in 2014.

Carl is best known for his role as Nick Dickerson, private detective, in the AMC series Private Dickerson. But to his family, he was just "dad" and "grandpa." He is survived by his daughters Rose and Rita and son Roger. Although he and the children's mother, Doris, divorced in the 1990s, they remained close friends until his death.

Carl was born April 14, 1939 in Burbank, CA. He could not have been better positioned to enter a career in show business. His first gig was as a child star in the television series The Ugly Boys. Young Carl could cry on command. He went on to become a teen heartthrob, frequently featured in the pages of Photoplay Magazine. Later in his career, he earned a reputation for juggling both dramatic and comedic roles.

He never attended college; the "Hollywood school of hard knocks" was his classroom.

While the erroneous reports of his death in 2014 upset his family, friends and fans, Carl took it in stride. He had a copy of the article framed and displayed in his home office alongside his Emmy awards.

Carl's funeral will be billed as "This time, it's for real," at his request. Family and friends are invited to gather at the Valley Cemetery. The service will be livestreamed. Media inquiries should be directed to Jerry Fulkerson at 818-555-5555.

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