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Nola Rowen Hendrix of Tucson, AZ, died on August 31, 2019, at the age of 37.

Nola was a writer from an early age. By 10, they were already putting on plays for their younger brothers to perform in. They were a regular feature in school and community theater, writing contests, library events and literary conventions. At 13, Nola won the ABC Young Writer award for their short story, "Cats on the Counter." It would be the first of many accolades for fiction and creative nonfiction works that would be featured in DEF, GHI and XYZ publications over the next twenty-five years.

After graduating with a BA and an MFA in creative writing, Nola accepted a position as managing editor for JKL Press. They devoted their time to editing manuscripts for writers from low-income and incarcerated situations while writing and disseminating their own work.

In addition to their work, which was at times all-encompassing, Nola loved anime, cosplay, and competitive volleyball. Their parents remember them as a person who never stopped moving, never stopped looking for a new angle or a new story.

Nola is survived by their partner, Alex Foster of Tucson, AZ; their parents, Doug and Sherri Hendrix of Kirkwood, CA; and their brother and sister-in-law Russell and Juanita Hendrix of Kirkwood, CA. They are predeceased by their brother, Jack Hendrix.

All are welcome to celebrate Nola's life at a public wake on September 10, 2019 at the ABC Unitarian Church on 123 Any Street.

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