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   Long Haul Covid Obituary

Brittany Baskins died May 25 after struggling for many months with long-haul symptoms following Covid-19 contracted in spring 2020. She was only 32 years old.

Before her body was ravaged by the virus, Brittany was a marathon runner, hobbyist rock climber, and avid disc golf player. We, her friends and family, like to remember her when she was at her most active, but we will never stop raising awareness about chronic illnesses of all kinds. Our eyes are now opened to the lived experiences of the millions of people whose daily challenges have for generations been overlooked or downplayed by the medical establishment and the public as a whole.

Brittany was born Feb. 14, 1990, which was appropriate because Valentine’s Day was her favorite holiday, and she loved love. She enjoyed dating, and was good at it. Everyone turned to Brittany for help setting up their apps. She was open to anything life had to offer in terms of a partner, but also completely secure in herself.

After getting her bachelor’s degree in environmental science from Lewis & Clark University in Portland, OR, Brittany held several jobs in the National Parks system before settling in Anytown, where she worked with the Climate Studies Foundation.

Brittany leaves behind her beloved dog, Solomon, who watched over her as she braved each new symptom of long-haul Covid. He was with her when she passed, at home, under hospice care.

A memorial service will be held at Anytown Community Center on June 14. Proof of vaccination is required to attend.

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