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Cora Belle Sanders was the type of person who made you want to live every day to its fullest. She died Aug. 29, 2020, at her home in Anytown, TX, with a smile on her face and her favorite album by Artie Shaw playing in the room. She was 72 years young.

She was born Feb. 1, 1968, to Claude and Claire Sanders, who survive her. Cora had hoped to live to her 90s as well, but a series of health setbacks weakened her body and she ultimately succumbed to a virus. She remained optimistic to the end, however.

Cora was a lauded designer of knitting and crochet patterns with a thriving Etsy shop. Nothing deterred her in her pursuits: not sexism, not technology, and not ageism. Still, she was quick to recognize her own privilege and took part in the Women's March, March for Science, and marches for racial justice. She liked to dress up in a "Votes for Women" costume and sash that she designed herself.

Cora held a degree in music education from Houston University. She never married or had children, but she considered all of her piano students her kids. When someone would show up to a lesson sad, she would listen and offer encouragement without platitudes.

Her parents will host a socially distanced service over Zoom in the coming weeks. In lieu of flowers, Cora asks that her friends treat themselves to a meal from a locally owned restaurant and toast to her memory.

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