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   How to Write a Basic Obituary


How to Write a Basic Obituary

Regardless how a person's life is remembered via an obituary, most obits include these basic elements of biographical information:

1. Name and age.

2. Date and place of death. (A newspaper article on the deceased will also include cause or circumstances of death; a paid obituary can omit this.)

3. Where born, city where living at time of death, and other residences over the course of his or her lifetime.

4. Schools attended, degrees held, career history, and any military background or ranks held.

5. Any volunteer activities, club membership, awards won, or honors held.

6. Hobbies, sports, or other interests.

7. Survivors and city where each now lives, as well as a list of preceded the person in death and when they died.

8. Where and when the funeral or other services will be held, and who may attend.

9. Any donation requests, including address and/or bank account number.

10. Name of funeral home or cremation society.

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