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Dianne Richards, who died June 3, 2020, at age 85 in Anytown, NJ, loved reading the obituaries and now she is in one. She would have been tickled pink to know that people are picking up their Sunday papers and getting a look at her in her Miss Tri-State dress and sash from 1953.

Dianne was born Jan. 1, 1935, the first baby of the New Year. Baby Dianne was on the front page of the Tri-State News, the very paper in which you are reading about her today. (Dianne was aware of the internet but chose to ignore it. May she be an example to us all.)

Dianne had three passions in life: crossword puzzles, Greyhound rescues, and making sure that everyone spelled her name with two Ns.

She married, but it didn't work out and she specifically requested that her obituary leave out the name of "that ne'er-do-well." They did have two beautiful children together, however. Twin daughters Sherrie and Carrie survive her and will always treasure the memory of their mother's laughter and gentle teasing as she guided them through life.

Dianne loved flowers, and gifts of them are welcome. If you're able to donate money, she wanted it to go to the Greyhound Rescue Association of the Tri-State Area. Services will be held at Tri-State Church with interment to follow at Tri-State Cemetery. All are welcome.

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