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   Fill-in-the-Blank Volunteer Obituary

{Name}, known throughout {region} for his tireless volunteer work, died on {date} in {City, State} at the age of {age}.

{Name} will be so missed in the {Community Name} community. He set an example for others to follow, from {volunteer role} to {volunteer role}.

{Name} was born on {date} in {City, State} to {Parent Names}. He displayed a kind and compassionate heart from an early age, as evidenced by {anecdote}. Generosity and service were just a part of who he was.

He attended {School Names}. He also {military, etc.}. His “day job” was as {position}. But in his off hours, much time was devoted to his favorite causes: {causes}. Among the charities and organizations with which he volunteered were: {Names}. One of his favorite activities was the annual {Charitable Event}, where he could always be seen {activity}.

{Name} is survived by {family members} as well as too many friends to count.

The entire community is welcome to attend a memorial scheduled for {time and date} at {location}. This year’s {Charitable Event}, to be held on {date}, will be dedicated to {Name} in honor of his service. Donations can be made in his name to any of the causes he supported.

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