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   Fill-in-the-Blank Quirky Obituary

{Name}, an absolute goofball, exited this mortal land on {Date}. He was {number} human years, but forever youthful.

{Name} was born on {date} in {City, State} to {Parent Names}. He graduated from the School of Hard Knocks, and earned a living by his wits as well as {actual job}. No one could be gloomy in the office when {Name} was around, with his {quirky persona example} and {other quirk, such as wild socks or catchphrase}.

{Name} was the life of the party, always the first to {quirky behavior}. His favorite prank was {prank}. However, everyone who knew {Name} knew that he had a serious side, and was always available with a listening ear. He knew when something was not a joking matter.

We will always remember {hilarious incident}, as well as the time {other incident}.

{Name} is survived by {list}.

{Name} didn’t want a funeral, but since he was the type of guy who was always looking for a loophole, the joke’s on him. Friends and family are welcome to gather at {time and date} at {location}. We will eat his favorite foods, tell his favorite jokes, and otherwise remember a quirky, lovable man whose name will always bring a smile to our faces.

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