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   Fill-in-the-Blank Business Owner Obituary

{Name}, longtime owner of {Business Name} in {City}, died on {date} in {City, State}. He was at {age}.

{Name} was born on {date} in {City, State} to {Parent Names}. Early on, {Name} displayed an entrepreneurial spirit. As a {child/teen}, he {anecdote related to early sales or other business acumen}.

After graduating from {High School Name}, {Name} attended {College Name}, where he secured a {bachelors/etc.} in {business or other major}. He went on to get an {MBA or other degree or further training}.

Encouraged by {Names} and mentored by {Name}, he opened {Business Name} in {location}. At first, it was a struggle just to keep the doors open and bills paid due to {factors}. But all that changed when, due largely to {Name’s} tenacity, {anecdote that led to success}. Before long, {expansion, franchising, or other development}.

{Name} was known as a business owner who hated to turn down an opportunity to help, whether it was by donating goods to charity, sponsoring a youth team or sitting on a community board.

Over the years, {Name} was a volunteer member of {Chamber of Commerce board, business district, etc.}. He was also an active member of {Rotary, fraternal organization, etc.} and a big part of {fundraiser or other effort}.

{Name} is survived by {family members}.

{Business Name}, which is now being run by {Name}, will be closed on {date}, as a memorial service is scheduled for {time and date} at {location}, with a reception to follow at {location}. Donations are being accepted that will go toward the {Name Scholarship} intended for {student entrepreneurs, etc.}.

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