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   Fill-in-the-Blank Athlete Obituary

{Name} died on {date} in {City, State} at the age of {age}.

{Name} was born on {date} in {City, State} to {Parent Names}. To most of the country, she was known as the longtime {Award Name}-winning player of {sport}. But to friends and family, {Name} was not just the athlete who led {Team Name} to {Championship Title}. She was a devoted {family role} as well as {secondary career}.

As a child, {Name} displayed a natural ability for {sport} early on. More than once, her parents found her practicing {humorous sporty anecdote}. When she begged to sign up for {lessons/classes/team}, her parents took her to {first formal sports experience}. Her talent was soon discovered, and {special coaching/travel team/auditions/etc.}.

{Name} spent {number} years playing for {team/sport}. The pinnacle was probably when she {anecdote such as besting a mentor or making an Olympic team}.

After retiring from the sport in {year}, {Name} stayed active by {coaching or other role}. She also built a respectable career as a {job role}.

But more than any trophy or ribbon, {Name} loved her family. {Elaborate on family}.

{Name} is survived by {family members} as well as former teammates at {description}.

The public is invited to a memorial service scheduled for {time and date} at {location}, with a reception to follow at {location}. Donations in her name to {youth sports scholarship or other cause} are welcomed. A {statue or other memorial} will be {installed/presented} at {details}.

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