Letter of Recommendation

   Fill-In-The Blanks Eulogy

My name is {Name}, and I am {Deceased Name}'s {relation} of {number of years}. I'm so honored to be here speaking to {his/her} memory today and to stand up here and see how many people cared about {him/her}.

I first met {Deceased} back in {year} at {a work conference, the hospital where he/she was born, community theater, etc.} and {lighthearted anecdote}. I knew then that {he/she} was the kind of person you're lucky to meet, and {his/her} incredible {kindness/drive/penchant for organizing lists} meant that our friendship was easy and personal from the very beginning.

It was not difficult for people to like {Deceased}. {He/she really listened when others talked/helped create opportunities for others/was a wonderful lecturer, etc.}. {Brief anecdote illustrating the point}.

In a career field and a culture where people are obsessed with what they leave behind, {Name} was more concerned with what {he/she} {taught others/gave away/collaborated on}. {He/she} was such a {warm/calming/engaging} presence, and the world already seems a colder place without it.

{Final memory or anecdote}. I will try my best to keep up what {he/she} started with {legacy/work/outreach/family}, and hold {his/her} memory tight along with the many, many people who loved {him/her}.

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