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Merritt Gander shuffled off this mortal coil on Nov. 1, 2022 in Anytown, Calif. He died on his 75th birthday, making things easier for gravestone carvers as well as anyone with a forgetful nature.

Merritt was the life on the party, and if he had his way, he would probably want his friends and family to forgo all concerns about laws and decorum and go full “Weekend at Bernie’s” and drag him along to his own memorial service.

The aforementioned service will be held on Jan. 1, 2023 for tax- and convenience-related reasons. Everyone should meet at the entrance to Anytown Community Park and bring a packet of heirloom seeds and a written memory of Merritt.

Merritt was a city planner by trade and a naturalist by soul. He escaped the office at every opportunity, and his retirement years were spent fishing and hiking as well as volunteering with the Anytown Tree Society. He led more park cleanups than anyone can count.

For those who didn’t see it on social media: our friend Merritt was felled by the common heart attack. We are assured that he did not suffer, and we like to think that there was something poetic about his last moments being spent in his garden, with his cat, Boots, who was found sitting next to Merritt, patiently waiting for dinner.

Merritt’s remains will be cremated, and a private ceremony will be held for immediate family. He is survived by his ex-wives, Charlene and Renae, and his daughter, Kestrel.

Merritt hated dead flowers. Instead, please plant a tree in his memory or donate to the Anytown Nature Center.

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