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Carly Rae Diamond died Aug. 29, 2020, in Anytown, CA, at age 59 after a recurrence of breast cancer. She will be remembered as an inventor, an entrepreneur, a business mentor, and a mom to her three precious girls, Delilah, Macy, and Noelle.

Carly was born Jan. 2, 1961, to Jennifer and John Devereaux in Des Moines, Iowa. At the age of 13, she raised the money to legally change her name from Caroline to Carly, just because she liked it better.

In true Carly form, she was always reinventing herself and trying new things. When her first Widget design sold for a hefty sum, she invested the proceeds into another venture and was well-situated to launch ABC Startup in the early days of the Silicon Valley tech boom.

When Carly's cancer returned, she opted to sell her successful company and spend the rest of her time on Earth surrounded by beloved family. She was never so happy as when she was cuddled up with her girls eating ice cream during yet another Gilmore Girls marathon.

Carly's gravestone will read: "Go big, but then go home. Family is everything." Drawings done by her children were far more special to her than the many profiles that ran in Forbes, Fortune, and other top business publications.

She is survived by her children, her ex-husband (and loving co-parent) Marco Diamond, her parents, and friends too numerous to name.

Rather than send flowers, Carly asked that everyone take the time to work on their own living will and other end-of-life documents. Services will be held at a date to be determined.

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