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Rosa and Alfred Dixon died in June 2021 in Anytown, CA. Rosa, 88, died on the 12th and Alfred, 91, followed her to heaven six days later on the 18th. They fought Covid for nearly a month before succumbing to the terrible disease.

Rosa was born on May 5, 1933 in Miami to Alfonzo and Ana Perez. She enjoyed dancing, sewing, and traveling. Alfred was born May 5, 1930, in Los Angeles. He liked stamp collecting and spending time with his wife. They both relished the fact that they shared a birthday, and they planned elaborate parties for family and friends around the new year.

In 1995, the couple traveled to Vatican City, where they met the Pope.

They are survived by Rosa's sister, Marisol, and niece Rosie.

Burial will take place at 10 a.m. on June 25 at Anytown Cemetery. Flowers may be sent to their home address, where Marisol will host a reception starting at noon.

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