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   Chronic Illness Obituary

Jerry McIntyre died May 15 after braving a chronic illness that not everyone empathized with and even fewer understood. He is finally at rest without pain in Heaven, at the too-young age of 41.

Jerry was born Feb. 2, 1981, in Anytown, CA. He was a happy, active child. As a teen, he played both football and baseball and secured the Most Valuable Player trophy for Anytown High School’s league his senior year. He went on to study kinesiology at the University of Southern California, setting the stage for a lifelong Trojans fandom.

It was while pursuing his master’s degree that Jerry began experiencing symptoms that, after years of frustrating tests with dozens of medical providers, led to a diagnosis of chronic illness. Many would have been distressed at this point, but Jerry was just happy to have answers.

Jerry continued to work as much as he was able and returned to college remotely at the age of 35 and subsequently secured his master’s degree. He is the author of the well-reviewed book, What Is This and Why Is It Mine?

No memorial service will be held. Those who knew and loved Jerry are urged to do all they can to help raise awareness about chronic illnesses.

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