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McKinney Bakerscroft, longtime chief executive officer of Widgets International, died June 3. He will be greatly missed by the entire team, at the local factory and abroad.

Mr. Bakerscroft was born Jan. 1, 1947, in Glascow, Scotland. He immigrated to the United States to attend Yale University, where he studied engineering. Upon graduating, he was immediately hired by Boeing in the Widgets Division, where he quickly rose to the top.

Engineering the new generation of jets was not enough to satisfy Mr. Bakerscroft’s knowledge and curiosity. He quit Boeing and formed his own company, Bakers Street, which would later become Widgets U.S. and ultimately Widgets International. His favorite saying was: “Someone has to make the first move in every new game, or there will be no winners at all.”

Mr. Bakerscroft is considered a local hero for all the jobs he brought to Anytown with the factory opening in 1987 and a series of later expansions. He was a generous donor to charities, his favorite being the Young Engineers Foundation. “Mr. B,” as the kids at the youth center liked to call him, also served on several boards of directors, including the Big Mentors of Main Street.

He had no children of his own, and liked to say: “I’m too busy to be a dad, but I have time to be Mr. B on Wednesday afternoons.”

Mr. Bakerscroft is survived by his brother, Connor, and four nephews.

No services will be held, but employees at Widgets International will enjoy an extra paid holiday in the memory of their respected CEO.

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