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Beloved pet Daffy died on June 5, 2022, after a short illness. Our family is devastated.

Daffy was our cat when we graduated college, when we married, and when we brought our babies home from the hospital. He sniffed each new brother or sister carefully, welcoming them into the home. When one of his human siblings would cry, Daffy would run to alert Mom and Dad of the problem.

Daffy loved the rainbow-colored stick toy and chasing paper balls. In his later years, he was content to bat around his catnip lizard, which he would carry to his heating pad for naps.

His favorite spot was in the strip of sun coming from the front-room window, and Daffy would follow it as the sun waned each day. That is where we found him, just one week after being diagnosed with kidney failure, as we were preparing to learn to administer subcutaneous fluids.

While we are brokenhearted that Daffy has left us, we are glad that he will not be suffering through life-extending treatment that a cat cannot understand. He was sweet, sometimes sassy, and above all loyal in a way that some insist cats cannot be.

We have created a memorial pond in our home garden, where anyone who knew and loved Daffy is welcome to sit and reflect.

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