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Zachariah Fitzgerald, lead singer of the rock band Zach and the Fitz, died unexpectedly Nov. 8, 2022 in Anytown, Calif. He was 36. Or, according to Wikipedia, 34. A family obituary will be published in the Anytown Daily News soon with personal details, including funeral arrangements.

Zach will be fondly remembered by friends and family, along with his bandmates Sal, Kenny, and Mercer. We are collectively gutted by this tremendous loss.

The band formed in Zach’s garage in the summer of 2012 after he posted a vague yet intriguing audition announcement on Craigslist. Tiny gigs were followed by small gigs which were followed by medium gigs, until a “short” five years later, Zach and the Fitz was selling out some of the biggest arenas in the world. With Zach at the helm, the band won multiple awards, including three Grammys.

His bandmates will remember Zach as a leader, a peacemaker, and a brilliant songwriter with a voice that no one could match. He was the glue that held our motley group together when one or more of us wanted to quit, and he believed in us both as a unit and as individuals.

We aren’t sure how we will carry on with our music without Zach. He always said that we were each other’s muses, but in truth, he was the one who inspired us all to bring our all: to songwriting sessions, to the recording studio, and to the stage.

A memorial concert featuring an all-star lineup of bands and solo artists will be held Dec. 5 at the Anytown Stadium. All proceeds will go toward music programs for elementary and high school students.

The Fitzgerald family will be announcing a private service for loved ones.

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